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The Sisters are acquiring through Centuria Foods dark pure plant gel caps as part of our mission to get the CBD plant medicine to the most amount of people at reasonable prices. 

Sister Kate would have been happier staying in the tincture and tea-making business, believing gelcaps to have no ‘ancient wisdom’ value, but our customers have clamored for two things:  a pill-like way to take CBD that guarantees a certain dosage with every pill and 2) pure plant oil.  We are responding to that demand with these high-quality, consistent, safe and healthful gelcaps.

  1.  Soft-gels are easy to digest and — more importantly — provide for easy absorption of CBD into the body.
  2.  Because of their smooth contour and shape, softgels are very easy-to-swallow especially for elderly audience. They also offer superior shelf-life profiles to capsules, liquids and powders since they are completely sealed and air-tight.
  3. This raw softgel contains a full spectrum oil that has the full symphony of phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes that help with a myriad of ailments.
  4. Like all CBD, customers are reporting that it may help anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, sleep enhancing and pain management applications

Centuria Foods has developed full compliance Hemp Processing supply chain.  The hand-off of gelcaps happens prior to a full moon.  The Sisters and the tribe make the blessing of the gelcaps part of the full moon ceremony.  Only after the gelcaps have been through the full moon ceremony are they bottled, labeled, sealed and sold.

Each gelcap has 25 mg of CBD

This product contains trace THC well under 0.20%  and is internationally recognised as hemp. You will not get high or fail a drug test from using this product

Store in a dry dark place out of the reach of children
Do not use if nursing or pregnant
If you use prescription medication or have an underlining health condition always speak with your pharmacist or healthcare professional before adding supplements to your diet 

The Sisters products are health food supplements and are not intended to treat, prevent or cure illness or disease

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