CBD Infused Oil 2 floz/59.1ml 950mg CBD per bottle

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2 floz/59.1ml CBD infused oil (double strength) 950mg CBD per bottle with dropper

Ingredients: coconut oil, hemp, blood orange essential oil

Sisters of the Valley make all their products by moon cycle in a spiritual environment with love and pray sown into every bottle

This oil is not concentrate it is an infusion

Take like a tincture drop under the tongue or add to food

Third party lab tested included with every product

Take two or three drops twice daily or as required. Do not exceed 25mg in one serving or 100mg in a 24 hour period

Keep stored in a dry place (not refrigerated) and out of the reach of children

Shake well before use

Do not use if pregnant or nursing

Not for use of sale to under 18s

Enjoy as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

This product is not intended to treat, prevent or cure illness or disease

If you take prescription medication or have a serious health condition always speak with your GP or pharmacist before adding health food supplements to your diet